Waktu Itu...

You won’t ever make a same story twice
You won’t ever redo a memory again
Because time, will always goes on

Air mata bisa saja tak keluar
Air muka bisa saja bahagia
Lautan hati siapa tau dalamnya
Memori bisa digali, tak bisa tertutup lagi

You have to choose
To bet, onto one choice
Wherever it takes you away
You have to move on
Leave the misery behind

Cerita, canda
Ingatan, kekuatan
Rasa, aroma
Atmosfir, getir
Walau tak ikut serta
Cukup lisan berkata
“Waktu itu…”

If parallel worlds did exist
I would jump into another world
That two event don’t meet each other
If time machine did exist
I would jump into the past
To feel it once again
Only if…

Tidak ada bukti ilmiah mengenai telepati
Tapi rasa itu hadir di ujung hati
Tak ada bukti ilmiah mengenai teleportasi
Tapi atmosfir itu ada di pojok ruang ini

You only live once
Make as many beautiful memories
Or just hear them through others
Let them live in you forever

Gluckwunsch Gita Smanisda Choir
Nothing could change you

sorry for the bad quality picture ;)
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