Superhero Not Means Superpower

I'm a superhero. My name is Hugman. Not like most of superhero who fought with the villain to save the world, I save the world by hugging everyone. I could cure all kind of sickness. Right from the physical sickness until the mental sickness. I could cure heart cancer, also I could cure heart that already broken because of sadness. It's not a cool power, instead it looks funny. But, everyone still need my help to cure the sickness that doctor can't heal. Just by hugging people, the sickness will disappear.

The first time I got my abilities, I was abducted by a couple of aliens. They came from planet that shaped like heart. When I was 17 I wished for a love that wouldn't die. Instead of women I looking for, the aliens came right into my house. While I was asleep, they abduct me with a strange blue rays. When I opened my eyes again, I was in the middle of nowhere in the outer space. 
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