Superhero Not Means Superpower

I'm a superhero. My name is Hugman. Not like most of superhero who fought with the villain to save the world, I save the world by hugging everyone. I could cure all kind of sickness. Right from the physical sickness until the mental sickness. I could cure heart cancer, also I could cure heart that already broken because of sadness. It's not a cool power, instead it looks funny. But, everyone still need my help to cure the sickness that doctor can't heal. Just by hugging people, the sickness will disappear.

The first time I got my abilities, I was abducted by a couple of aliens. They came from planet that shaped like heart. When I was 17 I wished for a love that wouldn't die. Instead of women I looking for, the aliens came right into my house. While I was asleep, they abduct me with a strange blue rays. When I opened my eyes again, I was in the middle of nowhere in the outer space. 

I found out that I was in the spaceship with a couple of aliens drove it. When they know that I was awake, they talked to me with their language. I shaking my heads meaning that I didn't understand. I only understand that they name were TASA. They saw each other like they was planning something to me. I was afraid. And then, one of them spread his hands and tried to hug me. I was surprised and I jumped off. Because I thought the one who tried to hug me is the male one.

I made a distance to them. Their face looked like they feel sorry to me. And I thought they try to apologize to me with their language. I understand and I walk closer to them try to understand their feelings. They smiled to me. Even though I wasn't sure it was a smile or wasn't.

After that, they try to hug me once more. This time, I won't avoid them. I thought it was their way of greeting each other. And of course, this time I felt it was the female one. Just like us, shaking our hands when we meet someone and greets. I feel her hug was so warm and big. Because of our differences in size.

When I'm in her hands, suddenly my head became heavy. I tried to withstand it but my consciousness starting to disappear. Just before my consciousness disappear, in a blink of eye, there was so many picture spinning in my head. I understand a little, it was the memory of them, the alien couples.

I started crying when I able to open my eyes. I didn't know why am I crying. My tears falling by itself. But it just feel too good to let my tears came down. I just didn't wanna stop crying until I ran out my tears. After some times crying, I realized I cry because of the alien memories. They didn't have child to became their descendant, and they gave all of their love to me. I feel the same way to them, because I was an orphan. And then they want to take me as their child.

In no time, I arrived in their planet. I was so surprised, their planet is so wide. As far as I could see, it was just like a fantasy film. There were so many rainfall. Rainbow was everywhere. I thought it was a heaven. But, suddenly after my amazement of their planet, I lost my consciousness once more. If I died, it was worth it, I could saw the heaven in my last memories.


It was bright, the morning sun burnt my eyes. It was just another day in my room. I feel like I was dreaming of becoming a real alien child that came from a planet so called krypton. And I thought it was so cool to became like superman which had a superpower to fight the villain for humanity. Ah, my 17 had just began.

I prepared my breakfast just like everyday. A cup of coffee and a hotdog with cheese on it. And I never wondering to change my menu. Because, my allowance only allow me to bought these things.

I'm just a normal student with a scholarship. The scholarship I always dreamt of, now became reality. And to make an extra money, I worked part time as a pizza delivery. It was hard, but I enjoyed it while I could became a normal humans.

The sun started to set, time to change my costume. Even though I'm a Hugman, I'm still a superhero. So, I still have a costume for me. Even it wasn't designed for battle. So no one would notice me that I was just a normal student with normal grade.

I started to search for sick people in the slum. Because I knew, they don't have money to pay for hospital. I feel simphaty to them. So, my first target always been the poor people.

Hugman is the name from the daily newspaper in my town. They gave me the name, because every person that cured by me, felt that they were being hugged. Even though I'm not really hugging them, my hug is just from the telepathy. I came to their minds, and I hugged them there.

My power isn't free. There is a system when I gave someone a hug to cure them, I lost my time for couple of second. The harder to cure diseases, the longer my time lost. For example, an influenza takes my time a second to live. But a brain damage, takes my time a whole day. I was only given one year. Of course, when I'm not hugging anyone, I would be immortal for the rest of my life.

I'm enjoying my life, my short life to became a benefit for humanity. Even though no superhero or villain loves my power because of how weak it is, every human loves me because of my sacrifice for them. I feel good, really good.


There was a girl. Her name was Dia. I met her after I became Hugman. But, she knew me as a scholarship student and a pizza delivery man. She didn't knew that I was a superhero.

I met her in the school. She was a smart and good looking woman in her age. She was my junior. When I'm in the third grade, she was still second. I became close to her because she was in the same club with me. Astronomy club.

Long story short, she confessed her feelings to me. She said that her love was for me. As a superhero I can't allow my feelings to drive me. Even in my deepest human heart, I started a feeling towards her. I only said thanks and she said its okay. I feel sorry to her, because I can't tell my humans feeling. I knew my position, I'm a superhero and my time is not long enough to love her. I didn't want to hurt her feelings.

After Dia's confession, my life has changed. I can't hug anyone. Because my mind going crazy. I asking for apologize to everyone that needs my hug. In the time I couldn't cure anyone and starting to disappear from the superhero world.

Everyone started dying in front of me. They were suffering from their own sicknesses. I was confused. And I tried to call TASA. By using my mind power, I could send a signal to them. In no time, they were arrived in my house and I asked them what just happened to me.

No answer could satisfy me. I started to gave up and asked them to take the power back. So, I won't have the responsibility to cure anyone. But they said no. They said I was the only one who could do this. In one generation, only one Hugman allowed. If they took my power, it means I have to die. I said its okay. Because in the end, I would be just died like humans do.

A message from Dia came. She said the meeting already over. She said sorry not to warn me before the club meeting started. In the moment, I feel like I was given a clue. It was her. It was Dia who make me couldn't hug anyone. Maybe if I asked her, she would have an answer.

I came to Dia's house. I met her personally and I ask for her permission to read her mind. Of course she didn't wanna her mind read by anyone. So, I told her that I was the Hugman. I want to know her mind, because after she came into my life, my abilities starting to gone even my time is not yet over. Then, she allowed me to read her mind.

I was right. There was something unusual in her body. She had some kind of virus that never been seen in earth. I thought it was an alien virus. And it wasn't came from TASA's planet. This virus won't do anything to her until she getting pregnant. It will take over the human baby and became a parasites until it was old enough to live by itself.

I didn't told her anything about the pregnancy and the alien things. I only told her that she had a virus that never been seen on earth. And of course, no doctor on this planet could cure her diseases.

At first, I tried to came in her mind and try to hug her inside. But, the virus was too strong. And it would take my entire time to heal her. In other words, if I hugged her I lost my power and I died. Even if I died, I still couldn't save her.

I asked TASA how to cure her. They said, nothing I could do. I asked their help then. But they didn't want to mess with earth people. Because if they healed this one, another sick person will came. It will never end.

But then, they gave me another way to cure her. It was a medicine that was special. It could heal anyone and any kind of sicknesses. But of course, I will keep losing my times. In the contrary, I still could save her. Even it costs my life. The name of the medicine is love. True love.

If I really loved her, I could save her. Even with just an ordinary hug that I gave everyone with ordinary sicknesses. But, if I have a doubt in my love, I will instaneously died. And the worst possibilities, she died too. So, the only way to cure her, is to love each other.

And then, my love journey has finally started.

10 month had passed....

It took me a while to cure her. The virus is not easy to fought with. So, I killed the virus slow but sure. And it took 10 month. In the 11th month, I finally weakens the virus. And I got the final hug to obliterate it. I was sure that I could save her.

TASA came with a good and bad news. The good news is, the virus now in the critical state. I knew, because I hugged her everyday, so I understand the development of the virus. But the bad news is, I will still died. Even the virus finally taken out, my time is just another day to go. I got few times more because I hug anyone with love. So, my time increased a bit. But, the reality sucks. I still died even I had eternity with me.

Dia heard my conversation with TASA. She understand the part that my life would still be taken even after the virus gone. She didn't want to touch me anymore. She was afraid of being hugged for the last time. She said its okay to live with a virus inside her body, and to live without any child. She just wanna be with me. She didn't want me to died. Even, she said its okay to adopt a child. She loved me from her deepest heart.

I loved her too. And the way I prove my love is to save her life. I don't want to see her suffering. But she wants to made a promise with me. She didn't want to be hugged anymore. She wants to live peacefully.

I feel sorry, but only this time I could not fulfill the promise. Because I will hug her without she even noticing. When she was asleep, I hug her and die peacefully.

I finally able to hug her. I came into her mind. And fought seriously for the last time with the virus. It was a tough battle between us. I didn't care even my times depletes so quickly, I will obliterate it. I will save her.


Time to blow my candle and make a wish. It was my 17th birthday. I came back to the time I make a wish. In the first, I didn't understand what just happened to me. I should be dead now. But looks like the time came back. So I made a wish I could met the aliens. And then I could find Dia, and saved her once more with preparation. So I won't die and lived peacefully with her.

TASA came. Now they were confused. Because I knew their language even they had just arrived on earth and it was the first time they met humans. I said it was a long story and its okay. Just pretend it was a coincidence that I knew their language.

I started all over again. But nothing was the same. Because I already knew how many time I spent for any kind of sickness. While I was looking for her, I still saving everyone. And still got my time full. Moreover, my time increased.

But, instead of finding her, I found out that the virus is not on Dia's body. I found the virus before I met Dia. Because the virus is in another humans. She already have a child before she had the virus. So, it will be okay not to pregnant again.

But then it means, the world I live now is the exact same world that I used to know. But the development of the world is not same at all. Because I realize that TASA is not the same alien that were with me. They was the same alien race with TASA I knew, but they were different. The president of the country is not the same as I knew. Everything seems changed.

This world, is another parallel world. The development started to branch after my blow to the candle. It was when I wished after I celebrate my 17th birthday.

I searched all over again just to find her. I knew it that she won't had the same diseases again. I was sure she is living peacefully know.

I asked her relevance. They said Dia was moving in another country. I was right after her and surprised when I arrived in her house. The housekeeper said that she died on a car accident. She was with her husband. Her husband now in the hospital. He said that I could find him on the nearest hospital.

My heart had just broken. I didn't know what to do in this world anymore. All I could think is her face, her pretty smile, and her effort to tell me that I didn't have to save her life.

I have no regrets. At least, I have tried

Another parallel world had just began...

I died and it started all over again. I blow the candle and make a wish. I was sure, this time the world  where I could spend my eternity. Even if I don't have the eternity I just want to die normally. Because this time, I knew my wish would make my life perfect. I wished that I could met her, love her, and dying with her.

Because I loved her. I loved her in every world I lived. Even if I won't met her I'm this world, I just have to try over and over again.

Even in the worst world, the world where doomsday is near, the world where she is an alien, the world where we separated by galaxies, I would find her...

And I will love her, again and again...



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